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With MPM management, we’re looking for acquisitions in pet food companies with a revenue range within €60M in Spain, France, and Germany.

Our actual focus is on natural nutrition and ingredients.

Rupert Howard
Managing Director, 3i Group.

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Our company was very interested in the constant evolution of the platform and the development of its features. Arx Platform helped us to digitise part of our M&A activity while respecting the basis of our profession. The accuracy of the information and the fact that the data is up-to-date, helps us optimise our marketing process, so our teams can focus on creating real value for our clients.
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Arnaud Dudognon
M&A Director

We have been following the Arx Corporate Finance team since the beginning. Their solution corresponds perfectly with our daily interactions with Private Equity firms. Arx Platform enables us to optimise our marketing and sales opportunities. We particularly appreciate the accuracy of its data and the streamlined application and search tool.

Marc Dunoyer
Head M&A Mid-Cap
Arx Platform helps us prepare our meetings with Private Equity Firms effectively. The solution saves a large amount of time, as we no longer have to maintain a database ourselves, which necessitates a substantial daily effort. The verified information on portfolio companies, and being able to anticipate their exits is what gives our commercial strategy a competitive advantage.
Thierry Dartus
Head of Transaction Advisory
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